data center

Bankserv Africa- Selby

Bankserv was founded on the financial needs of a growing country. Situated in Selby, Johannesburg, the business is built on the willingness of institutions to work in purposeful harmony through the ingenuity, innovation enterprise and commitment of the people who are their central and most important asset. Due to new […]

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Investec Import Solutions

Investec Import Solutions provide a fully integrated import solution for clients which includes all transactional and logistics processes. Investec Import Solutions is located separately to the main Investec Financial Services building and needed to upgrade its IT infrastructure to continue to serve its growing customer base and meet new industry […]

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FOX Network

FOX Networks Group offer premium entertainment, sports and real-life TV shows and movies to clients across the globe. FOX Networks Group Africa required a data center installation at their office situated in Illovo, Johannesburg. The fully functional, self-contained data center needed to be installed in an area with limited space, [...]
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