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IP Surveillance/CCTV allows you to detect and document intrusions as well as monitor business processes. The cost of replacing stolen goods, and the potential business hours lost as a result, can cause significant damage to a business.

Wires & Wireless is a trusted supplier and installer of surveillance cameras that increase the protection of your business. We go out of our way to select quality technology that will meet the monitoring needs of your business while delivering clear video. CCTV video surveillance utilises the most advanced digital video and audio monitoring technology available.

Video data management forms part of the foundation of the integrated building management system. Footage recorded through properly maintained CCTV systems can be used in a number of ways that benefit the organisation. Part of the building management system is video analytics, developed to interrogate data efficiently. It accurately shares information with control rooms or management on important matters. This may include line crossing on perimeters, people counting in stores or objects left in central areas.

Our installations can vary from the basics with simple remote connectivity to a more sophisticated solution with analytical high-end multi-systems that are integrated into other security systems and managed from one location.

We will design and implement a surveillance package to suit your requirements, with quality workmanship, attention to detail and reliability.