Information Technology


IoT.nxt, innovators in digitisation, were in need of audio visual and video conferencing solutions for their offices in Centurion.

Client Background

IoT.nxt’s unique technology stack bridges the gap between all protocols in the industrial ecosystem, creating a single integration/translation point. Its patented RaptorTM gateway allows organisations to retrofit all existing legacy systems with no rip and replace. A powerful data abstraction model further translates anything and everything from the edge, supporting a true subscription based big data model.

Strategy & approach

Wires and Wireless were able to supply high-end AV and VC solutions to upgrade IoT.nxt’s media and presentation rooms.

With the rapid response time of Wires and Wireless, IoT.nxt’s digital innovation and transformation could continue at an accelerated pace, with the addition of their cutting-edge AV and VC technology.

Great response time and Excellent service. Thank you!

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