Maintenance of IT & Security Infrastructure

Many of us had the opportunity to rest and recoup before the new year began.  But what about your IT and security infrastructure?  These systems must keep on running 24/7, putting them under constant strain. But they’re not getting a holiday any time soon! And, without regular maintenance, the equipment could even begin to degrade and eventually may not function at all.

Business operations rely heavily on data. And it’s likely that all or part of your business data is stored on your server. The server runs constantly and without continual maintenance, the information on it could be at risk. Whether you plan to expand your data capacity or manage your current infrastructure, maintenance is critical. Management of your data center can reduce the costs and frustration of downtime. You need your electronic information available immediately for successful day- to-day business operations. When you’re on a service and maintenance plan, our technicians will check on the performance and efficiency of all server-related equipment.

The condition of your security system and CCTV is important too. You can’t jeopardise the safety of your valuable assets or your employees for a minute! When security systems are not maintained, you could run the risk of them being rendered useless! That’s a wasted expense you’ll probably prefer to avoid! Wires & Wireless teams are experienced surveillance and security professionals. We offer a variety of CCTV equipment and installations. With a service plan to keep your security essentials in top working order, you can rest assured your assets and staff are in good hands.

Power sources, such as your UPS are also a critical part of this infrastructure. Even UPS devices require maintenance.  You could include UPS maintenance in a service and maintenance agreement and make sure you’ve got that covered.

With the use of a service level and maintenance agreement, we provide specialists to maintain your valuable equipment. Allow us to keep your infrastructure in peak condition and continuing to enhance not hinder your business processes.