IoT.nxt makes IoT a reality for businesses through their world-leading framework.

IoT.nxt, innovators in digitisation, were in need of audio visual and video conferencing solutions for their offices in Centurion. Wires and Wireless were able to supply high-end AV and VC solutions to upgrade IoT.nxt’s media and presentation rooms.

Infrastructure utilised:

• Installation of a high-end AV system;

• Setting up category 6 LAN;

• Installation of a Ruckus wireless system;

• Setting up a Q-SYS solution – an excellent IP backbone and fully manageable platform which best suited the client’s requirements;

• Setting up video distribution across multiple platforms;

• Setting up automated boardrooms with Q-SYS; and

• Setting up projection equipment.

With the rapid response time of Wires and Wireless, IoT.nxt’s digital innovation and transformation could continue at an accelerated pace, with the addition of their cutting-edge AV and VC technology.