Investec Import Solutions

Investec Import Solutions provide a fully integrated import solution for clients which includes all transactional and logistics processes.

Investec Import Solutions is located separately to the main Investec Financial Services building and needed to upgrade its IT infrastructure to continue to serve its growing customer base and meet new industry demands.

Wires and Wireless were able to help them upgrade their IT infrastructure and ensure the continued delivery of their stellar customer service.

Infrastructure utilised:

• Installation of a high-end data center with in-row cooling and managed power;

• Installation of a data center UPS and end-user UPS solution;

• Wireless linked to Investec HQ in case of WAN failure; and

• Installation of a fibre optic backbone.

Wires and Wireless helped Investec Import Solutions stay on top of their game by bringing their IT infrastructure and systems on par with their logical and efficient business processes.