Capital Appreciation

Situated in Sandhurst, Johannesburg, Capital Appreciation is focused on investing in and growing businesses that deliver compelling, innovative and disruptive solutions to the Financial Institution and other clients. This allows Capital Appreciation to develop and introduce new products, deliver value to their customers, improve efficiency and control, and eliminate unnecessary operating costs.

Capital Appreciation required new IT and electronic solutions to enhance their internal operations.

Infrastructure utilised:

  • Network points;
  • AV solution;
  • UPS; and
  • DSTV


Wires and Wireless were able to improve internet connectivity with the installation of network points. New AV solutions provided the infrastructure for local and international video conferencing and presentations.  To ensure no downtime was experienced, a UPS system was set up. Lastly, DSTV was installed to allow staff to keep abreast of financial news and further strengthen Capital Appreciation’s internal operations.