Bankserv Africa- Selby

Bankserv was founded on the financial needs of a growing country. Situated in Selby, Johannesburg, the business is built on the willingness of institutions to work in purposeful harmony through the ingenuity, innovation enterprise and commitment of the people who are their central and most important asset.

Due to new business standards, Bankserv required a new layout and access control for their IT setup.

Infrastructure utilised:

• Overhead raceways for fibre and copper cables;

• Access control on cabinets; and

•Fibre and copper links between cabinets.

To align with their new standards, we neatened up their network cabling by containing the copper and fibre cabling in overhead raceways. To prevent unauthorised access to cabinets for security and fault prevention, we installed an access control system. Finally, for greater services’ connectivity, we installed inter-cabinet fibre and copper links.