Access Control

These systems are designed to control entry to a specific area, these can be extremely simple for example a single mechanical lock but can often become more complicated incorporating intruder alarms and CCTV systems. At Wires & Wireless we have the capability and experience to deliver on all levels.


The most widely known use of CCTV is in security systems, for controlling security through the monitoring of access points. However, the true scope for applications is almost unlimited. CCTV may be used for vandalism control, through the use of hidden cameras or for production control in factories and more.

A basic CCTV system will always include at least one camera (static or movable) and one monitor, as the picture created by the camera needs to be reproduced at the control position. A system may also have microphones built into the cameras and speakers built into the monitors. A video recorder may also be added to the system. Systems may be installed indoors or outdoors.

Recent developments have made it possible for CCTV systems to become increasingly sophisticated. As an example, user-friendly touch screen technology has made controlling entire systems far easier.

Wires & Wireless has the capability to design, install, and maintain any CCTV system, no matter how simple or complex the application or environment.

The company installs systems that comply with the latest CCTV standards and regulations.