With the major role that technology plays in modern times, and the advent of technologies such as the Internet, mobile telephony, and mobile computing, most people nowadays expect to have uninterrupted access to information at all times. Our culture dictates that network services simply cannot be unavailable for even short periods of time. Unfortunately, we cannot always rely upon having uninterrupted, good quality electricity supply. We therefore need to take steps to protect our valuable equipment against sudden power surges. We also need to guard our businesses against downtime caused by power failures.

Wires & Wireless can provide your company’s backup power supply needs with a variety of products, services, and rack mounted solutions. We design and install the very best in power management and backup power solutions. Wires & Wireless has the skill and expertise to properly size and install the UPS of your choice.


Wires & Wireless designs, supplies, and installs complete electrical protection solutions. Irrespective of whether a 500 VA UPS need be installed in order to protect a workstation, or a 100KVA UPS linked to a 250KVA generator is required in order to protect a company’s entire computer room, Wires & Wireless will install a system to suit any requirement.

Electrical Wiring

We install power for communication cabinets as well as electrical sockets for offices and even assist in the zoning and re-zoning of lights and switches as office moves are becoming more prevalent. Full electrical installation and Compliance Certificates are issued on completion by our trained test and inspect engineers, giving you the peace of mind that your electrics are safe and adhere to standards.