Data & Voice Cabling

Our core business is the design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems. We employ full time technicians who hold the highest accreditation’s across all major brands of product.

We design and install Network Cabling being Cat 3,5,5e,6,6A,7 for voice and data networks incorporating new and existing cabling infrastructures. Our installation teams provide end to end service from the initial site survey through to installation and comprehensive testing.

As a systems integrator of all cabling products in Africa, we are equipped to face any infrastructure related challenge. We design a system right for your needs, present and future.

Fibre Optics

Speed, stability and with no distance barrier, fibre optical cable becomes the solution of choice. With the skills and expertise employed in house, we are able to deploy any fibre related technology. Some of the key features of choosing fibre include increased bandwidth, increased distances, lightweight and compact, environmentally friendly, no scrap value, future proof and cost effective.

Fibre Optic cabling provides a far greater bandwidth than copper and is typically used for backbone connection between localized networking equipment and is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for high quality and reliable analogue and digital communications.

Wires & Wireless carries out the design, installation, testing and maintenance of fibre optic systems including fusion splicing and termination of multimode and single mode fiber cables.

Data Racks

When a network starts to get above a certain size, it is wise to house the passive and active cabling and equipment in lockable communication cabinets. We supply and install every type of cabinet from small wall mount enclosures to full height server cabinets. In addition, we provide and install all accompanying equipment for the cabinets being power strips, fan units, cable management and plinths as well as all peripheral equipment.

Based on our modern design and quality, our server racks have been specifically designed to host any make of high performance servers. Our server Racks come fitted with | Glass or perforated front doors | Steel or perforated rear doors | Fan Systems | Power distribution outlets | Raised tops for additional ventilation | Cable Slack Management solutions | Monitor and Keyboard housing solutions

Cooling Services

Wires & Wireless will commission precision air conditioning units that ensure optimum temperature and humidity conditions are maintained wherever environmental conditions must be preserved, in order to guarantee continued functioning of vital technological applications. The units we supply offer air recirculation, filtration, cooling, heating, dehumidification and humidification, all run by sophisticated microprocessor controls. These controls communicate directly with advanced supervision systems which are able to manage optimum operating conditions for complex systems.

Fire Detection

With this crucial aspect of server room functionality in mind, systems are designed to provide early warning of a fire and to automatically extinguish the fire. The system will be designed and installed in accordance with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association. Wires &Wireless offers two main fire suppression systems being FM200 and Co2. In addition to fire detection, we install various fire prevention mechanisms including fire rated walls, doors, and ceilings.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental conditions inside the computer room should be controlled, which leads to the need for environmental monitoring. The complete computer room should provide the necessary infrastructure for all integrated functions, as well as offer support for the company’s existing and future network architecture.

We install and commission remote environmental monitoring systems – GSM or IP-SNMP based monitoring systems that monitor various components of an infrastructure ranging from temperature, humidity, power outages, start up and fuel loads of a generator to the air flow within the server room.

Raised Flooring

Access flooring is a construction element which can be adapted to suit any type of building, be it new or under redevelopment. It is praised by architects and engineers because of its easy to manage and flexible nature, both in the design stage as well as while work is underway. This means that planning is not restricted by the limitations of traditional systems and designers can give free rein to their creativity.

Active Equipment

Hubs, Switches and Routers are the Active Equipment that allows your data traffic to be sent around the network. Switches are more common these days as the prices are very low in comparison to the many added benefits achieved over hubs. Switch ports can support 10/100 or 1000 Mbps speeds to suit your bandwidth requirements. Gigabit Switch ports are becoming more and more cost effective as the technologies evolve. Our services include | Installation and configuration services for switches and routers | Installation and configuration services for firewall and other security appliances | Installation and configuration services for Wireless networks | Installation and configuration services for IP CCTV systems.

Environmental Cabinets

This double server rack, specifically designed to cost effectively replace the traditional computer room applications, comes complete with |High security magnetic locks | Key pad controlled access | A 13000btu air conditioner | Fire detection and protection unit | Back up UPS power supplies.