Cabling Investment Overview

Network cabling seems to be the last thing on most businesses’ minds when developing or investing in a new IT infrastructure. However, cabling is the most crucial component of your network as it supports your IT and telephony infrastructure and will most likely outlast your software and IT equipment. For this reason alone, your core network infrastructure should be planned carefully as to get the maximum usage and productivity over its useful lifespan.

Various tests have been conducted by one of the largest cabling manufacturers on two different networks installed in different ways. The facts were astounding, as one network performed to 85%, the other performed at only 4% of its capabilities. If these networks were installed within two similar businesses, as you can imagine one of the businesses would have a massive competitive advantage over the other.

Your network cabling infrastructure could be the main reason as to why your IT is not delivering. Gone are the days where the cabling can neglected, especially with the new Cat 6, Cat 6a and Cat 7 networks.

Let’s take that a little further and look at actual figures…

Your budget for cabling could be as little as 10% of the overall IT budget, but will give you around 3 to 5 times more life than your software before it requires changing.

You only have one opportunity to get this right first time.